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About Art4Wear

From Canvas to Fashion. Wearable art by mixed-media, Florida artist and fashion designer: Yvonne Krystman

Yvonne Krystman

Yvonne Krystman, a mixed media artist and fashion designer with a background in Fine Arts and a degree in Commercial Arts, has masterfully merged creativity and style to birth Art4Wear. With her motivating motto, “Why be one of millions if you can be one in a million,” she seeks to incorporate art into daily life through wearable masterpieces.

Art4Wear is more than just a fashion line; it’s a transformative experience. Yvonne’s unique textile designs, derived from her own artwork, have earned accolades in the fashion world. Soft and versatile, her apparel pieces seamlessly transition from the runway to the beach, empowering wearers to embrace individuality and confidently express their creativity through distinctive style.

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